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Cascadia Capital Corp is the global problem-solver of business needs. Here, we lay the groundwork for amazing business and financial innovations. We develop strategies by combining our passion for technology and expertise in finance, business and operations.

Organizational Management

Need to restructure or reshuffle your team? We work with your executives on strategic and transformational challenges and help you up run a more efficient business or unlock potential in your staff.

Customer Relations

We can help you develop a system for managing your company’s interactions with current and future clients. We can develop a plan to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

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Data Maintenance

Custom, affordable web design and data maintenance for Sole Proprietors, Private Practitioners, and Small Businesses. Our team will work with your business step-by-step so that you as well as your clients...

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Business & IT Strategy

Our consultants create business strategies that enable global companies to define new business and target operating models to maximize value and manage complex changes throughout their organizations.

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Grow Your Ideas

Develop a comprehensive plan that fits your budget and needs.

Embrace Technology

Market your brand on the Internet.

Business Consultation

Short-term and long-term financial and performance targets.

Design Your Web

Custom, affordable web design and data maintenance.

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Customer service and technical support. 1-626-872-0305